Oil & Gas

Sustaining Profitability Using Advanced Technology

In a dynamic global industry like oil and gas, you must manage costs, extract the most value possible from current assets and maximize uptime. Technology available today makes it possible to develop a truly connected enterprise and move closer to operational excellence. Cloud, mobility and analytics offer an actionable view into real-time production data so you can respond to issues as soon as they arise, from anywhere in the world.

Improvements in production can translate into increased efficiency and productivity. Whether you would like to reduce your energy consumption, upgrade legacy systems or make better use of the data you generate, we can help.

Sensia, a joint venture between Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger, is the most comprehensively integrated provider of measurement solutions, petrotechnical expertise, automation and digital solutions to the oil and gas industry. From the reservoir to the refinery Sensia reduces risk, drives efficiency, and optimizes performance, so its clients and their stakeholders can achieve the full potential of their oil and gas assets.

Together, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help you remain competitive in an ever-changing industry.

Eaton has played a vital role in powering the oil and gas industry for almost 100 years. This experience enables us to develop solutions that offer greater reliability and enhanced safety for the petrochemical industry. Eaton maintains a leadership role by developing new technical concepts with the Petroleum and Chemical Industrial Committee of IEEE.


Manage complex operations more consistently. Our products and solutions meet all applicable standards and certifications like IEC, NEMA/ANSI, GB, IEEE, KEMA, CSA and UL. Use just one design and one-part number for a component worldwide, even when plants are oceans apart.

Improve reliability with system solutions like Integrated Power Assemblies (IPA). IPAs are efficient alternatives to on-site construction, and are available with weather-resistant enclosures that protect equipment in harsh environments.


Extend the useful life of equipment with Eaton retrofitting and reconditioning services. Experienced Eaton service engineers draw on our decades of industry experience when they refurbish equipment to original or enhanced performance specifications. Often equipment can be serviced on site, reducing installation costs and avoiding service disruptions.

Maximize uptime and production with products designed for durability. Our offshore welded steel plates, integrated with custom Eaton-engineered assemblies, are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh operating conditions and the long-term demands of platform operations.


Protect people from electrical hazards with Eaton arc flash reduction and avoidance solution. We offer more than 35 different solutions to deal with arc flash hazard. That s the industry s broadest range.

Train employees how to recognize danger and then avoid it with Eaton electrical safety training. With the right training, employees can be more effective protecting themselves and others in demanding physical conditions.