Once having left port, a ship must rely entirely on its onboard equipment. Shouldering the responsibility of a safe voyage is TERASAKl's marine control technology.

We are particularly proud of our track records in the field of power distribution systems and engine monitoring and control systems worldwide. We boast a top ranking share in markets worldwide and are widely known throughout the shipbuilding and marine transportation industries. With more than 20,000 of our systems installed on large sized ships, the challenge to new technologies has already long been our aim.

Optimize your operations with system integration

Even as market needs change, Eaton electrical and hydraulic solutions can help you to meet them. With reliability and efficiency guaranteed, you can be sure of keeping your vessel or shore operation up and running.

All-round protection and comprehensive compliance

Eaton is the leader in safety solutions for marine and offshore operations, providing safe access to efficient and sustainable power, whether aboard or ashore. For example, our remote monitoring solutions can help keep your assets operating efficiently, whilst ensuring your people are kept out of harm's way.

Efficiency and reliability

Eaton solutions which deliver more efficient power help to ensure reduced energy use and fuel consumption, even as ships increase in size and weight. Higher quality, more reliable products help reduce installation costs and man hours for maintenance and repairs.

Safety and sustainability

Our solutions are designed to meet or exceed the strict requirements of the International Maritime Organization, to protect your people (SOLAS) and the environment (MARPOL). We are also well prepared to help you make the move from diesel to electric power both aboard and ashore with its associated benefits to the environment. However harsh the environment, Eaton can help you to achieve safe, sustainable solutions to enhance your operations.