Food & Beverages

“Continuous, reliable operations” and “flexible, cost-effective production systems” are key ingredients for every hard-working Food & Beverage manufacturing facility.

Rittal offers an efficient product portfolio for the specific requirements of the future networks of urban centers and the surrounding areas in a perfectly coordinated system with a wide range of accessories.

  • With energy a critical component in the mix and automation levels higher than ever before Industry 4.0 demands guaranteed productivity.
  • With a heritage in electrical distribution and ongoing investment in innovation, we work with our partners to ensure continuous production, to optimize energy costs and to protect people and assets.
  • Custom solutions for low-voltage distribution.
  • Whatever your business, process downtime equates to losses. The impact on your production output, your customers and your bottom line can be significant.
  • Have you got complete confidence in your energy supply? Would you recognize a potential electrical fault before the point of network failure?.
  • We have developed a range of electrical solutions for the Food & Beverage industry including low voltage switching components, metering, measurement and protection systems to guarantee power availability in critical applications, take control of energy consumption and identify energy drifts.
  • Our enclosed switches enable personnel to work safely whilst also protecting your assets and will ensure that you maintain critical loads while guaranteeing continuity..