Rittal provides complete system solutions for supplying the technology required by urban areas. The challenges are as substantial as they are complex, ranging from faster communication networks to eGovernment and healthcare. On top of this comes supplying power to towns and cities, which already account for two-thirds of the total energy volume. And with one billion people suffering from a shortage of water drinking water and wastewater management is another major challenge

Rittal offers an efficient product portfolio for the specific requirements of the future networks of urban centers and the surrounding areas in a perfectly coordinated system with a wide range of accessories.

Our expertise.

  • Complete system solutions for supplying the technology required by urban areas
  • Complete infrastructure solutions for data centers and IT networks

The benefits to you

  • Efficient climate control solutions for all performance requirements from fan-and-filter units to cooling units and complete recooling systems
  • System solutions for power distribution in low-voltage switchgear systems with currents of up to 5,500 amps
  • Weather-proof, scalable indoor/outdoor enclosures and system solutions for difficult environmental conditions
  • Console systems and enclosure solutions of all sizes for indoor and outdoor use

Application areas

  • Energy supply
  • Water supplies
  • eGovernment
  • eHealthcare