Eaton: Shift to Future

xEnergy switchboard systems for panel builders.

The xEnergy system thinks ahead, it is designed to meet constantly increasing requirements. Designed to provide maximum efficiency in implementing your specific project needs, Eaton xEnergy provides the optimum solution for lowvoltage switchgear and control gear assemblies up to 6300 A. Every single functional module in this switchgear assembly is perfectly prepared and systematically planned from the switchgear and mounting system technology to the enclosures and design software tools.

xEnergy is a technically sophisticated and cost-effective combination of the enclosure, switchgear, control gear and protective devices, and mounting systems to provide the Panel builder with the equipment to optimally switch and control power, in other words to dominate it. The system is modular and offers many smart combination options to allow you to meet the most exacting of project requirements.

Be it for healthcare or data centers,for industrial or sewage treatment plants. Panel builders put their trust in Eaton pressure.

  • A design-verified, modular and therefore flexible system
  • Verified/safe assemblies of switchgear and enclosures
  • Combination with a large number of components
  • Time-saving
  • Optimal safety
  • Delivery as flat-pack or as a pre-assembled switchboardcabinet
  • Software tools and training for easy planning andimplementation
  • Long service life, even under harsh operating conditions

More safety to your switchboard.

xEnergy provides a maximum of protection for people and equipment. The higher the development level of the technology used (Fixed, Removable or Withdrawable), the more convenient it will be to maintain and replace the switchgear modules. This will not only minimize the number of work accidents, the number of defects in engines and the duration of training required for the switchgear, it will also provide reassurance and peace of mind as you know you are using safety-tested and state-of-the-art design-verified switchgear assemblies in conformity with the new IEC/EN 61439 standard.


With xEnergy, Eaton offers a design-verified switchgear assembly for maximum trouble-free operation. The right choice of either the fixed, removable or fully withdrawable technology keeps down times to a minimum and allows users to opt for the right technology depending on the calculability of shut-offs..

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